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Camford have built a solid reputation for delivering an excellent service no matter the job, backed by the long-standing relationship we have with our customers.

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Keeping you on the road

At Camford we take MOTs very seriously. Not only is it important for our customers to be safe whilst they're on the road, but also for other drivers and the public too.

Our staff are well-trained in MOTs and only use equipment that meets the GOV.UK MOT standards, with multiple tests undertaken to ensure your car is fit and ready for the road.


Staying on top of things

Servicing and maintaining your car is a necessary part of keeping a car in proper, working order. It keeps the engine healthy, maintains any existing warranty, and most of all ensures the car is safe.

At Camford we're able to service and maintain any car from a Corsa to an Audi R8, with official parts used where necessary.

Oil change
Minor service
Major service

Dealing with the wear and tear

As with anything mechanical or electrical, cars and their parts wear out after enough time and mileage and need replacing to maintain proper function and safety.

From burnt-out clutches to dead batteries and gearbox failures to cambelt changes, Camford are capable of dealing with any car maintenance works you may have.


Here when things go wrong

When you're driving along and something goes wrong with your car, it can be a really stressful experience not knowing how and what the issue is.

At Camford we aim to take that stress away from you, with a team of mechanics and technicians that are highly experienced in faultfinding and repairs.

Warning lights
Loss of power

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Camford Car Care Google reviews Camford Car Care Google reviews
Holly Braisher

Camford are the only garage I trust and I've been a customer for 10+ years.

Chris and his team are helpful and thorough and always takes the time to explain any issue.

Would highly recommend this local and friendly garage.

Martin Winterburn

Great garage, the guys here will never rip you off. I have been going here for years, they are often a fraction of the price of the larger garages.

Very honest people and they will never pretend work needs doing on your car or exaggerate work.

Everyone here is friendly and knowledgable including the receptionist. They really are your local friendly garage.

Great work folks, keep it up.

Robert Goodman

Brilliant affordable car garage.

Extremely reliable and fair.

They have maintained my vehicle for many years brilliantly.